CONTINUATION OF Moose Jaw Singles Shuffleboard Report and Winners – 2018

To re-read the original Moose Jaw SSA article, go here:  and now I will post “The rest of the Competition”

Winners – ‘A’ Event: First – Don Swenson, Moose Jaw, SK. Second – Jim Brock, Regina SK.,
Third – Dennis Stockman, AB, Fourth – Ione Berard, Moose Jaw, SK.

‘B’ Event: First – Harold West, Regina, SK. Second – Vi McKee, Bigger SK.,
Third – Terry Chalupiak, Regina, SK. Fourth – Margery Gardner, Moose Jaw, SK.

‘C’ Event: First – Laurie Silbernagel, Swift Current, SK. Second – Shirley Tucker, AB.
Third – Jerrold Delahey, Moose Jaw, SK. Fourth – Maddie Hall, B.C.

‘D’ Event: First – Claude Wasman, B.C., Second – Les Hall B.C.
Third – Rick Schultz, Regina, SK. Fourth – Ann Harrison, Moose Jaw, SK.

Sent along by Milly Malloy.  Posted by Stan McCormack on 2018 07 25.

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