We Give You Bev Fowler, Medalist of the 37th ISA, High River, ABA

The Lady above, in reality, needs no introduction!!  She is not shy about speaking up, or speaking out!!  She proudly displays her Medal, her Bronze Medal, awarded to her and Team Members  Bernice Lindsay, Thanh Seybold, and Ashley Albert .  If you want a quiet unassuming lady, you do not want Bev!!  

At the CNSA Doubles in Coldwater (2018 07 24) Bev was enthusiastically praising the event, as apparently she had been praising Coldwater during the ISA Event.  WE SAY, KUDOS TO BEV!!!  In Coldwater, Bev also demonstrated her ability to sing!! She accompanied Club President Carol Archer in singing several songs, to the to the delight of the audience. Click on pic

Bev wrote this in 2015:  My name is Beverly Fowler and I love the game of shuffleboard. I first held a cue in 1997 in a retirement place called Black Creek Leisure Homes located in Stevensville near Fort Erie Ontario. When my husband retired in 1996 we began spending our winters in Clearwater Florida. While there a wonderful girl from Lindsay showed us the ropes about this great game of shuffleboard. I never knew anything about a St Petes or a Tampa, but I soon learned and I still use them today. I Joined Coldwater Club in 2005 and have since played in tournaments throughout Ontario. In 2010 I was selected to play for Canada to play in Germany in the ISA Tournament and I was fortunate to win 4 out of my 10 games. I was subsequently selected to play in Midland in 2014 at the ISA Championships representing Canada on the UN Team. I was awarded the Prestigious Merit Award in Midland.

Here is a pic of her Medalist Team: She demonstrated her ‘dance movement” to me in Coldwater.  Pretty Cool!! Writtten and Posted by Stan McCormack.  2018 07 25.


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1 Response to We Give You Bev Fowler, Medalist of the 37th ISA, High River, ABA

  1. Joyce Smith says:

    Great job Girls. Proud of my good friends.


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