“Gathering” Held in Cobourg, ON for Phil Hill. May he Rest In Peace. 2018 07 31

Stan Speaks: To-day, 2018 07 31, Pam Hill held a “Gathering”, a get together of friends of Phil Hill in the Cobourg Area where they lived. I believe she was overwhelmed by the turnout!! Phil had passed away on 2017 06 20.

The Gathering was held in the Cobourg Legion, Cobourg, ON. The Shuffleboard Community was represented, as indeed they should have been!! Phil and Pam had been associate members of the Blackstock, ON Club, and Club President Ann accompanied by husband Bob (Davies) were present, representing the Blackstock Shufflers. Also present were Barb and Jerry Blakely who live in the general area. And of course, yours truly was present.
The Room in the Legion was a beehive of conversation, (can one have a beehive of conversation??) and activity!! I am prejudiced, in favour of Shuffleboard, so I have inserted a pic of the 4 Shufflers plus Pam. (Stan took the pic.) Barb and Jerry on the left; Pam; followed by Bob and Ann Davies.  Ref. the pic above.

Pam with Phil’s Daughter.  Take Special Note of the Orchid!!  Phil had 3 LOVES; 1ST PAM; 2nd Orchids, and 2nd Shuffleboard!!  

Before closing, Pam expressed gratitude to those attending. I read a brief article written by Phil in 2009. In the article, Phil expressed the joys of competing in shuffleboard, AND the joy of the many relationships formed while competing.
My assessment of the Gathering, a huge success!! “I believe Phil will be very pleased!!!”  Kudos to Pam and Phil’s Daughter for organizing the event.
Stan McCormack.  2018 07 31.


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3 Responses to “Gathering” Held in Cobourg, ON for Phil Hill. May he Rest In Peace. 2018 07 31

  1. Joyce and Bob Smith says:

    Such a nice event to honor Phil’s memory. Condolences to Pam and the family.

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  2. Pat Batdorff says:

    Pam, so sorry for your loss. Hope all your great memories of Phil will comfort you. We’ll miss seeing him on the courts. Hope to see you this fall.

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  3. Glenna says:

    So sorry we are so far away. Would love to have attended your celebration of Phil’s life. He was a wonderful man and we shall never forget his cheerful smile and sincere soul. Love, G & D


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