Great Memories of July of 2006. US Nationals at Lakeside OH

We “Look Back” to July of 2006.  Do Hope You Enjoy!!

with observations by Earl Ball.
Article “put together” by Stan.

Earl Ball won the walking National Singles although a dark horse Lakesider who played as a youth, Chris Cermark, took him to three games. Chris in the semi-finals beat world class player Jacques Bergeron.
Chris grew up at Lakeside with the two sons of Tom Brown, Trent and Tyler, all of whom can play! They must all be in their late’ 30’s. He has not played any tournament in at least 10 years and is seldom seen around the courts. When you start young and get really good it can be like riding a bike after a layoff.
In the 1st round of the Walking Singles, Earl Ball took out John Brown, and John, in the finals of the Consolation, took out local star Bobby Sudomir!! Earl Ball explains his game with Chris Cermark this way:
“Chris beat me in the 1st game of the finals by playing a flawless game and I won the 2nd game but lost the lag, so I had my work cut out for me! I built a lead of 31 to 6 in the hole and the roof fell in. He scored 15 and got me for 10 off and two frames later he picked out my half hidden 7, putting it in the kitchen while holding the 7. The rains came and I trailed 16-12 but would have the hammer when we continued in the morning before the start of the doubles. The next morning I wore my lucky orange shorts, you guys think they are pink; Chris stuck on the 2nd block and I put him in the kitchen. I had a chance to double for 16 with my hammer but put both blocks on the centerline. However; I scored on his hammer and got two more on my next hammer thanks to a lucky break; he was clearing and accidentally knocked one of my dead blocks onto the seven. I scored my hammer giving me a good lead which I hung on to. On my final shot I was setting at 61 with a block deep on the centerline which he tried to kitchen but missed the block leaving him half hidden by my block. I decided to shoot down and try to kill his block but at a speed that if I hit mine I would double and win the game and luckily that’s what happened because down came the rains and I had my 6th National Championship.”
The 2006 summer National Doubles champs are Ed Jessup, an excellent regular on the Ohio tour from Greenville, Ohio and Ray Razor, of the Greenville, Ohio club and Florida, who was just voted into the Ohio Hall of Fame as a player for induction next Spring. By the way, Ed plays all his matches on crutches, as he has a disability! Not in shuffleboard! It was the first national championship for both! They beat Buck Buchanan (PA and Florida) and Bill Hoyer (Lakeside) who were last years summer national champs.
Article by Rich Phifer, Earl Ball and Stan McCormack 2006 07 31.


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