Hubert Van Eerd Inducted Into the OSA HOF by Glen Peltier. 2018 08 08.

Hubert Van Eerd is presented by Glen Peltier, AND “Pinned” by wife Cathy 

QUIET, UNASSUMING, UNSELFISH, SHYS AWAY FROM RECOGNITION; all words that describe to-day’s INDUCTEE into the OSA HOF!!  We are speaking of HUBERT VAN EERD!!

Hubert demonstrates these characteristics on a regular basis with regard to Shuffleboard! Whether he is south of the 49th Parallel, or North of the 49th, shuffleboard can count on Hubert, shufflers can count on Hubert!!

Glen Peltier “presented” Hubert to-day in Blenheim, and spoke about Hubert’s attributes.  Hubert was “pinned” by his wife Cathy.  See pic at top.

Glen has spoken highly of Hubert in the past; offering this comment on one such occasion:   “I have been associated with many people that I feel have done so much for shuffleboard and get very little credit or recognition. One such person that i feel belongs on the top of the list is Hubert Van Eerd. He arranges the league at the Thames Horizon Club in Chatham, the monthly single/mingles tournament and all that goes on. He works for weeks getting the building and courts ready for play before the season starts. The most amazing thing about Hubert is he makes everyone happy and satisfied no matter what is going on. The league is on Thursday and he works till night time on Wednesday making sure everyone is paired up right. He has all the teams evenly matched to guarantee top quality play. He does the same in Florida at Sanlan Park. All the members at Chatham and at his park in Florida appreciate Hubert. Hubert is still a very good player and could of been a top pro in Florida but instead dedicated his time, so many others can enjoy the great game of shuffleboard. No words that I can write can express the amount of joy he brings to so many. We depend so much on Hubert, I hate to think of what we would do without him. Glen Peltier”

Glen speaking to-day; 2018 08 08  Most Canadian Shufflers can remember when the Thames Horizon Club (THE BARN) “shut down”. Many abandoned hope that the Club would ever return. Hubert did NOT!!  He loaded up all the scoreboards discs  etc. and stored them at his home. He made arrangements with the city to use the Kinsman building; applied for and received a grant for ten roll out courts; contacted all the members and kept the club alive!!  After several years Hubert made arrangements with the new owner of the barn, and we are now back in the barn!!  This has all happened because of the determination and dedication of one very unselfish man. I am very honoured to present that man to you to-day. I give you Hubert Van Eerd, a most deserving member of  the OSA Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.

Glen Peltier.   2018 08 08

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6 Responses to Hubert Van Eerd Inducted Into the OSA HOF by Glen Peltier. 2018 08 08.

  1. Gary pipher says:

    Congratulations Hubert. Recognition well deserved.

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  2. Glenna says:

    Congratulations to Hubert, a most deserving inductee, We are so impressed with your tireless dedication to all things shuffleboard and we are delighted to see you honoured.

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  3. stanistheman says:

    I certainly think so!!! Great Tribute!!!


  4. Myrna Bilton says:

    “CONGRATULATIONS “ Hubert. You are most deserving of this prestigious award.
    You are a wonderful ambassador for Shuffleboard. Thank you and Cathy for your warm hospitality in your home and shuffling on your court in your basement.
    Rendall & Myrna

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  5. Bill and Maureen says:

    Congratulations Hubert. Well deserving indeed, for your love of the game, and the people you share this with. Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club.

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  6. Jerry Stannard Pres. SWCD says:

    A pleasure to have known Hubert. Always contributing, always pleasant and always an excellent player. Congratulations on a job well done Hubert.

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