Pioneer Creek Makes the Front Page!! Where the heck is Pioneer Creek??

How Many of the 2012 Pioneer Creek Residents Continue to Live in Pioneer Creek

The photo above was taken in 2012!!  The occasion; the CD Reiny Masters: How many are still living in Pioneer Creek???  Who is missing from the pic, for example, where is Ruthie Brown’s husband???  OR, for that matter Ruth Tate’s husband??   I am now going to ask one of the above, to enter the names, left to right, in the Leave a Reply Section, below.   PLEASEEEEEEEE!!

NOTE: As some of you may be aware, I have been experiencing a good deal of trouble with my (relatively) new computer.  As it is still under warranty, HP REINSTALLED Windows 10.  In the confusion, I mistakenly created a new Facebook Account.  That explains why many of you received a Request to become Friends with me!!  I AM NOW Stan McCormackNOT, Stanley R McCormack.  I have NOT been hacked; so, please accept the Friend Request.  

Stan  2018 08 11

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2 Responses to Pioneer Creek Makes the Front Page!! Where the heck is Pioneer Creek??

  1. Max and Ruth says:

    Ruth Tate, Harold Comeau, Ruth Brown , Dwayne Renwick, Rosemary Comeau, Wayne Shick, Lynn Shick, Grace Moore, Richard LaCourse, Kathy Renwick. Not sure where Grace is.Wayne, Lynn and Richard are still in Pioneer Creek. The others have moved to Sebring.

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  2. stanistheman says:

    THANKS so VERY VERY much to the Tates!! (Max and Ruth) I am sure the readers will appreciate!! Stan


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