Memorial shuffleboard tourney in Battle Creek, MI Mon. 8/13/2018 results from Jerry Deren

Main on the left; consolation on the right:

1 st Phil Busscher & Jim Stark          C: Karen Cochran & Stu Hendricks
2nd Lloyd Schmidt & Rick Yates      C: Marge Kolchack & Craig Garrison
3rd Vern Curtis & George Rosena    C: Richard Stimer & Art Listopad
4th Jerry Deren & Tom Putnam       C: Elmer Heisler & Cheryl Putnam

There were 21 teams in the draw doubles memorial shuffleboard tournament in Battle Creek, MI today. It was very hot & humid but very little wind, so the beads stayed on the courts in most matches.

The Battle Creek shuffleboard club provided free pizza for lunch. Congratulations to all the players. The next & last MI shuffleboard tournament for 2018 is Thursday, Aug. 23, 2018 in Albion, MI

Please keep Ann Wedel in your thoughts and prayers.  Ann is having a procedure in the hospital tomorrow.

Jerry Deren.  Your Michigan State Reporter!!!  2018 08 13.

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