Earl Ball Speaking in 2004!! Great Read!!!


I suppose you’re asked that question a lot!! I know I am. Think about it! Most of us are retired so we don’t have to do it. Is it for fun? For money? For competition? To achieve something? For the camaraderie? To travel and see the sites or new places? To have something to do? I bet each of these, EXCEPT making money would appear on most players lists. Most of the answers probably go like this: It gives me something enjoyable to do with my friends! For many of us it’s the competition, it takes us back to our childhood with the bats and the balls, footballs, skates and sticks~~where someone wins and someone doesn’t. Those days were fun to us and fun is something we want to be part of shuffleboard, or else why play?? Remember we don’t have to! We can’t quite have the fun they are having competing for the Stanley Cup or the NBA Finals!! Most of us wouldn’t survive!! And our fans don’t have quite the fun watching us either. However; every one of us capable of putting a little more fun into the game, needs to do exactly that! If we do not, we will not be able to attract new players, an essential component to keep the sport going. Watching Shuffleboard can be boring unless you happen to hit a court where Stan Williamson is raising hob and getting the crowd into the game, or Linda Woda is laughing or Earl Ball is talking to the blocks or Jacques Bergeron is upset with a shot, and talking about it in French!!
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(by the way Jacques, we all know what you’re saying, it’s the same in English). My point is: Have a good time! Laughing, excitement, determination, passion, fun are all infectious and that’s what will draw more people to the game. Remember, they don’t have to do any one thing either. They will do what is the most fun. Just watch a golf match, golf is boring and yes, I have a right to say that, remember, I retired to play golf and not many would beat me at it either. In golf, if I knocked your three-foot putt away to give myself a chance to win, it wouldn’t be acceptable, but in shuffleboard you expect it and you’d knock mine away also. That is just an acceptable part of this great game!!

Earl 05 30 2004

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