Please Keep Paul Sauerwine in Your Thoughts and Prayers!!

Marion and Paul Sauerwine

Good Afternoon; My name is Paul Sauerwine:   Some of you know and some do not.
I will have my Aortic Valve replaced on September 6, 2018.
This was discovered during an ECHO CARDIOLOGRAM test in late 2016 and reconfirmed on July 20, 2018.
I was told the valve would need to be replaced down the road. Well, I’m now down the road, much sooner than I expected.
The valve is highly calcified and not functioning properly.
Blood is being pumped out , but then some leaks back because the valve is not closing completely.  I feel OK.
I’m just a piece of walking junk.  Paul

Stan Speaks:  Paul: I am sure you will be JUST FINE.  ALSO READ:   Lakeland Paul & Marion Sauerwine

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3 Responses to Please Keep Paul Sauerwine in Your Thoughts and Prayers!!

  1. Sandi Quinn says:

    Prayers for you, Paul, your Drs. and your Wife!


  2. Gary pipher says:

    Hang in there Paul . You have some of the best doctors available to take care of you and with your positive attitude on life “you will be just fine:”


  3. David and Dini Rushton says:

    Hi Paul like Gary said with your positive attitude you will certainly be doing fine. You are in our prayers anyway. David and Dini Rushton


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