Why Am I Not Surprised?? An Act of Decency by Jim Allen. 2018 08 17

Stu  Cassell Speaks:  I first became aware of the Allen Shuffleboard Company when I bought an entry level cue at Ace Hardware on Main Street in Avon Park, Florida. The cue had a small rectangular sticker on it that said Allen Shuffleboard, with their address.

I found out later that the vast majority of shuffleboard players in Florida, bought their cues from Allen Shuffleboard, as well as all of the other shuffleboard equipment they and their clubs used.

What I didn’t know at that time was anything about this family run business that’s been around since 1941 or current owner Jim Allen. I would learn more after I moved back to St. Louis, Missouri and joined the St. Louis Shuffleboard Club. After I was back in my hometown for a few years I decided to upgrade my cue and called Allen Shuffleboard to make the purchase. Meanwhile Jim had sold our club our first two indoor courts, and later our 3rd. This fall we’re buying our 4th court from him.

When you use something a lot, parts will wear out. That happened to my cue. The locking mechanism inside of it began to falter. I called Allen Shuffleboard and talked to Jim about it. He knew exactly what part I needed to replace and said he’d send it out to me. When I asked him what I owed him, he said, “Nothing.” He didn’t even charge me for the postage.

I was already impressed with Jim and Allen Shuffleboard, but it gets better. The envelope arrived and there was a quarter sized piece of one end missing. When I opened it, all that was inside was an empty plastic bag, with another quarter sized hole in it. Yep – the post office’s processing machine ripped the envelope and the little bag inside and the part fell out in transit.

I called Jim and told him what happened. He apologized and said he would send out another one with better packaging. Within a few days I received it. It was in a bubble wrap envelope and the part inside was in a cardboard sleeve. The parts I needed were intact this time.

When I first discussed the problem with my cue, Jim had taken the time to give me directions over the phone how to repair my cue. He also told me if I had any problems to call him and he’d walk me through it.

I didn’t need to call him. The repair was as simple as taking the rubber stem off the end of the cue, pushing the upper part of the cue so the plastic locking piece went through the bottom, and then replacing the plastic locking collar. Done!

Now my cue locks just like new. Talk about going above and beyond in terms of service after the sale, and this on a lower end product. This kind of customer care in this day and age is rare, and Allen Shuffleboard has me and my friends as customers for life. Just wanted to share this great consumer experience with my fellow shuffleboard players.

Thanks again Jim: Stu Cassell of St Louis Missouri.

Stan Speaks: You may also wish to read: The Allen R Shuffleboard Co – 2017

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5 Responses to Why Am I Not Surprised?? An Act of Decency by Jim Allen. 2018 08 17

  1. Glenna says:

    That’s our Jim….and Beth, and Sam and Marcia. They are the most wonderful family business anywhere, in our experience. Too bad others in the retail world could not, or would not follow their lead! Well done Allen’s!

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  2. Joyce Smith says:

    That’s our Jim. This isn’t an isolated incident either. This is always the way Jim takes care of his customers.

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  3. Sandi Quinn says:

    Agreed Joyce. We’ve had many ‘over & above’ dealings w/Jim over the years from TX. Thanks Jim, Beth, Sam & Marcia!!!

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  4. Earl Ball says:

    Doesn’t surprise me any!

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