Coldwater ON Continues to Serve Their Community!!

Special Needs Group of 2018

Gary Pipher Speaks:  Coldwater Shuffleboard Club will wrap up the season of summer shuffleboard for the Special Needs League on Aug 28 with a banquet and an enlarged photo for each of the players who were in attendance at a previous game.
The chairperson of the league is Shirley Monger, shown here with Gary Pipher.  Shirley is a well respected shuffler, both in Coldwater and at her FL Winter Club, Betmar Mobile Home Park in Zephyrhills Florida.  ALSO shown is Club President Carol Archer.

Stan: It is my view that Shirley and her helpers deserve a great deal of credit for Serving the Community at Large.  It reflects positively on the Shuffleboard Community at Large!!  Could your Club do something similar???

I have inserted a comprehensive review (history) of the Coldwater Club.  If you have not previously read, I recommend it to you: Some History Re the Coldwater Sign Posted by Stan on 2018 08 22.

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2 Responses to Coldwater ON Continues to Serve Their Community!!

  1. Myrna Bilton says:

    “Congratulations Coldwater Shuffleboard Club” on making so many people happy.
    The smiling faces say it all!! Enjoy your banquet.


  2. shirley.monger says:

    Thanks for the kind words ,yes I really would like to thank my volunteers too Rick,Doug,Carol,Goregie .We have had a very great summer again with the group from service Canada,we look forward to another great yr in 2019 too.

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