Earl Ball; Many of You Have Heard of Him!!

MILESTONES!! EACH OF US HAS THEM!!  Earl’s Most Significant Milestone has been his 1,000 Point Achievement!!  Earl, below writing in 2007 outlines some Milestones of others!!   

Earl Ball Speaking in 2007: We all have milestones that are important to us; sometimes we don’t know what they are until we reach them and sometimes we think certain milestones should be important because they are so hard to reach. I’ve picked a couple that I missed this week in the “Star Watch”.
I bet you didn’t know that when Ben Coy hit #200 this week, the player on the other end was Dick Whitaker and Dick went over 400.
You probably missed the fact that with

Grant Boshart’s victory this week he hit #300, but I know that you are aware that the player on the other end when Grant hit 200 & 300 was Earl Ball and I’m very proud of that.
Did you know that Stan Williamson has some more, on going health problems and is due in Mayo Clinic on January 11th, he’s to be inducted into the “Hall of Fame on January 14th. I’ve told Stan that he doesn’t have to worry about dieing from his problems because if he doesn’t show up for induction into the “Hall of Fame” I’ll Do Him In; >> after all, it’s been eight years in the making to get him to this point and I’m excited about it.

By the way if you have a tournament with Buck Buchanan this season you may want to start looking for another partner. Buck is going to have season ending surgery soon.


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