Mitchells Celebrate 65 yrs of Happiness!!

Mitchell’s 65th Wedding Anniversary

A Truly Great Couple Who Have Demonstrated Strong Support for Shuffleboard over many of their 65 Years Together!!  We thank them AND CONGRATULATE THEM ON THIS SIGNIFICANT MILESTONE!!! (Stan)   


Glenna Earle reported to The Shuffler for the 2009 FSA MASTERS. An interesting sideline to the exciting games was my meeting with a couple of very special spectators. Marilyn & Bob Mitchell have been avid fans of the Master’s championships, having attended every single one, for the past 19 years. They live in Pinellas Park, FL during the winter and Cape Cod, MA for the summers. They have travelled to see some of the International Tournaments as well as inaugurals in England and Ireland. Bob became a Pro last year and although Marilyn loves the game, she has had to retire due to a serious back injury. She told me she always checks “The Shuffler” everyday to keep in touch with the shuffleboard world. These are indeed 2 very dedicated fans. Thanks for supporting us, Bob & Marilyn. Submitted by Glenna Earle (WHILE REPORTING FROM THE 2009 FSA MASTERS, held at Zephyrhills)
2009 04 07.

Marilyn & Bob write in 2010. Dear Stan: Nice to hear from you We actually first met at the St. Pete shuffling courts several years ago when I recognized you and introduced myself telling you how the Shuffler was a website I enjoyed and followed very frequently. During that conversation I mentioned that we had been to every Masters for however many years it was at that time. Last year Glenna became involved and thus the press we received. We have just begun to receive word of the (2010) Masters at Vero Beach and all the info. Unfortunately, because of health issues, we will not be able to attend. Can’t tell you how much we will miss our 20th year of watching and cheering but we will keep close track of the website that give us the details day by day. We know it will be a most enjoyable time for everyone attending, the players and the watchers. Regards Marilyn & Bob Mitchell.

FSA President Glen Peltier who has known the Mitchells for many years, is not insensitive to their loyalty to Shuffleboard!!



Presented to the Mitchells by FSA President
Glen Peltier.

Here is a pic of the Mitchells while in Ireland, the Ireland Inaugural.  Lois and I also attended.  Great Time: 


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