Jeffry Luneau Gives Us The Summary for Summer Mingles/Singles at Hendersonville NC

See Below For Explanation!!

Jeffry Luneau Speaks: We had our last Single Mingles of the season this Friday. The winners for this Friday’s Single Mingles are listed below.

1. Lynda King: wins 4 score 355
2. Warren King: wins 4 score 341
3. Ed Parker: wins 4 score260
4. Stan Quinn: wins 3 score 286
5. Norm Willems: wins 3 score268

In addition, we have a plaque recognizing the top two winners for the season. We take every ones 5 best Single Mingles tournaments for the season and award 1st and 2nd to those with the most wins. This year the winners are:

1. Stan Quinn with 17 wins out of a possible 20
2. Lynda King with 14 wins out of possible 20

Thank you,  Jeffry Luneau Reporting from Hendersonville, NC.  2018 08 24

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