CANADA 55+ 2108 Shuffleboard Results!! by Ellie Crowell

From left to right:  Bronze- Jim and Ellie Crowell, Bluenose Club NS; Silver- Ed MacKay
Saltwater club NS and Rose Irwin, Bluenose NS and Saltwater NS; Gold Cheryl Clarke and David McMurphy, Team Yukon (recent residents Of NS)

Jim and Ellie Crowell Speak:  Dear Stan: We attended the 2018 Canada 🇨🇦 55 Games in Saint John NB for Shuffleboard. Daily we updated Glenna Earl plus sent her photos.  You may wish to re-read Glenna’s report:  
Just to remind the readers, 2 Shuffleboard Clubs from NS were represented in the 55+ Games held in Saint John NB.   The  Bluenose Shuffleboard Club in Bridgewater NS – and the Salt Water Club in Lower Sackville, NS.
Jim and Ellie Crowell started Bluenose Club with 2 Courts and 2 clinics in the fall of 2017. We became incorporated in February 2018 and I brought 4 more courts home from Allen Shuffleboard in our motorhome in April 2018. We rent the local Curling Club one day a week.
Three of our members are also members of Saltwater Club 1.5 hours away – namely Rose and Jim Irwin and Jack Hatt. At the 🇨🇦 Canada 55 Games the team that won Gold For Yukon actually moved to Yarmouth NS last April which meant that “ Residents “ of Nova Scotia actually took Gold, Silver and Bronze in the 55 + category.  It also means that of the 12 Shuffleboard medals (6 teams) that 5 of 12 were members of our Bluenose Shuffleboard Club. Very motivating.
Stan, we appreciate how much you do for Shuffleboard.
Jim and Ellie Crowell
Bluenose Shuffleboard Club, Bridgewater NS & Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club.

Posted by Stan on 2018 08 27

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