Russ Jacobsen; A Most Significant Contributor to Shuffleboard!!

Russ Jacobsen:**  He helped organize the Rio Grande Valley Shuffleboard Association and wrote the constitution and By-Laws. He was also Chairman of the committee charged with the task of writing the rules of play in Texas. Those rules as amended are still in use. He served as President of the Rio Grande Valley Shuffleboard Association for 16 years.
Russ also organized the Texas State Shuffleboard Association in 1982 so that they could be a member of the National Association. He served as President of the State Association from its inception until 1997 when he retired.
He served one two year term as President of the International Shuffleboard Association. In 1985 he was inducted into the National Shuffleboard Hall of Fame in the players category. In 1993 he was named as a member of the International Shuffleboard Hall of Fame. He has played on the U.S. team in international tournaments five different times. One year he and his wife went to Yokohama, Japan for the International Tournament.
In 1992 Russ suffered a stroke which ended his playing days. With his wife he became involved in running tournaments, all of them in the 1980’s and 90’s. His wife passed away in 1997 but he is continuing to run tournaments. Back a few years ago he managed what he believed was the world’s largest shuffleboard tournament with 409 ladies and 540 men for a total of 949 entries in a singles tournament. Back in the 80’s he helped manage two National tournaments at the Sands Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas where there was $30,000 in prize money.
All through his shuffleboard career he has been available to anyone who desired his services as a teacher and has taught hundreds of people how to play shuffleboard. He also wrote a 14 page booklet on shuffleboard. “How to play the game.” In addition he wrote a booklet on “Instructions for Drawing a Tournament Chart and Running a Tournament.” and a booklet “Instructions for Building a Regulation Shuffleboard Court and Scoreboard.

** I never met Russ BUT it is evident he made a significant contribution to Shuffleboard in Texas.  I am now going to give you an article by Russ , a rather long article, long but interesting and also it contains a great deal of useful information vis-à-vis playing our GAME!!   Stan McCormack.  2018 08 27


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