Want to watch the “neverending” movie of Lock 32 in Bobcaygeon, ON??

Beautiful Bobcaygeon ON

Remember my promotion of Lock 32 of the Trent Severn Waterway???  CruisingDog Webcams is now live streaming the Bridge on Lock 32 in Beautiful Bobcaygeon. I live about 4 city blocks from the Bridge!! Check it out!!  AND, Please leave a comment.   Here is the link: http://www.marinesupportonline.com/camBobpa.htm

Stan McCormack. 2018 08 29

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3 Responses to Want to watch the “neverending” movie of Lock 32 in Bobcaygeon, ON??

  1. Glenna says:

    That is really cool. Couldn’t wait for an actual ship to pass through, but watched the swing in the archives. Neat stuff!


  2. stanistheman says:

    Things seemed to have slowed a little beginning this week. Should be busy beginning Friday, I am guessing. Stan


  3. Gary pipher says:

    I waited and waited for the bridge to swing , but nothing while I was watching. I was interested to see what traffic stoppers they use when the bridge swings to open the canal.


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