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VERY INTERESTING AMERICAN ARTICLE SENT ALONG BY JERRY DEREN!! Most of you who receive this have the “option” of forwarding this on. Some of us do not consider it an “option” but consider it an “honor” to share this information … Continue reading

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There Is A Change in Location for the 2019 CNSA IP (Inter-Provincial

There has been a change to the location of the 2019 Inter-Provincial. Coldwater is not able to hold this event at this time. The CNSA will host the 2019 IP in Ingersoll Ontario. Please note the date change, Monday July … Continue reading

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Breaking News by Christine Page!!! Even More Exciting than “Wolf”!!!

BREAKING NEWS; BECOME A PART OF THE STORY!!! Today in St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club news: 1. For the first time in its 90 year history, the clubhouse has working air-conditioning. The test run was an hour ago. 2. NBC Nightly … Continue reading

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Ian’s Lanz Bulldog Tractor Makes My Field Marshall Tractor look like it may be from the 22nd Century!!

Ian Reiher, Australian Shuffleboard President Speaks:  Hi Stan, Your story of the old Field Marshall tractor and its starting mechanism reminded me of my early introduction to tractors. During the summer (Australia – December, January and February) school holidays of … Continue reading

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The Houstons, Alf and Myrna Have a Wedding Anniversary To-day!! A Lifetime of Memories.

Myrna was born in Regina Saskatchewan during WW 2. 10 days later her mom moved them back to Montreal as Myrna’s dad was serving in the Canadian Airforce. Myrna was the eldest of 4 and has wonderful memories of her … Continue reading

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Pipher parades his NEWFIELD; McCormack parades his FIELD MARSHALL!!

Stan McCormack Speaks:  I just re-read Gary’s Story about his somewhat unique NEWFIELD Tractor. ( I say that with no malice, rather with respect to the many tractors both Gary and I have operated. (Driven). Unfortunately, the tractor I am … Continue reading

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Hubert Van Eerd of the Thames Horizon Club Reports their Summer Season Ends!!

Hubert Van Eerd Speaks:  Thames Horizon Shuffle Club ends summer season. Stan Speaks: Hubert was recognized for his Significant Contribution to Shuffleboard this summer, 2018 08 08, when he was inducted into the OSA HOF. Pic on the right is … Continue reading

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Did Your Working Experience Prepare You For Retirement?? Tell Your Story!! Gary Pipher Shares His Story.

Gary Pipher Speaks: I have included a couple more pix for you. As you might have known our company was responsible for supplying the exploration equipment and many times the expertise to run large projects around the globe. One interesting … Continue reading

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Malcolm Crowder Leaves Us; May He Rest In Peace.

Ian Reiher Speaks: Dear Stan,  Today I had a ring from Malcolm Crowder’s son Peter who advised that Malcolm passed away last Sunday the 23rd of September. Malcolm leaves his wife Louise and the children from his first marriage. Although … Continue reading


What is the future of the Senior Center? 2018 09 25

Marshalltown city councilors, staff and residents discussed numerous options for the Senior Citizen Center at Monday night’s meeting. After 70 minutes of debate, the council voted 7-0 to place a resolution on the Oct. 8 meeting agenda to demolish the … Continue reading

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