I Would LIke You To Go Here!! If you are NOT GLAD YOU DID, PLEASE let me know by leaving a comment.

“Things are a bit slow”.  Of course we all know the reason; it is Labour/Labor Day both sides of the 49th Parallel!!  Given that the vast majority of us are retired, we need something to “make our day”. I am going to give you the link to an article written in May of 2012. The main article actually includes 3 articles. To gain maximum appreciation, be sure and read all three!!!


Posted by Stan McCormack, 2018 09 02  Face Book Users may ALSO wish to go here: https://www.facebook.com/ruth.brown.75685962/posts/2216219268613335?comment_id=2216358968599365&notif_id=1535929202908632&notif_t=feed_comment_reply

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