FSA Central District, PRO Masters of 2001.

This pic has been sent along by Austin McDonald’s daughter.  Irene Pollock.

2001 CD Pro Masters

NOTE: It was at this tournament, held in Sebring, FL that Alf Primeau and I met while playing each other, and agreed to co-operate, to work together to launch the Shuffler.

Stan McCormack. 2018 09 03.

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5 Responses to FSA Central District, PRO Masters of 2001.

  1. Pat Batdorff says:

    Guess I am dating myself! I knew Winnie and Austin! What a great couple. It was so nice seeing Austin in this picture! Hey Earl, is that you!! :o)

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  2. Max and Ruth says:

    I do remeber the District Masters well. My first year as Pro and winning first place.


  3. Bob Haviland says:

    Played with all these guys many times, but played with Austin only once. It was in Winter Haven in 2000. I had just made my Pro points, but was still officially an amateur. The court was dead slow, we were playing for 1st place. Austin drew Joan Cook, I drew Lorraine Pollock. We played well, but ended up taking 2nd place. Great experience.


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