We Look Back to the FIRST EAST WEST CHALLENGE!!!! 2009

Stan Speaks:  2009 was the first year of the East West Challenge. 24 shufflers from the eastern United States and Canada traveled to California to play against the 24 members of the West team. The articles I posted during the CHALLENGE were in PDF format.  If you have an interest in this event, sort through the files. I will attempt to place them in “order”.  All articles are by Bob Weber.

It is Monday morning 6 a.m. in a wonderfully cool Hemet, California.

The east team is starting to have coffee for the morning in the hotel lobby. Some of the team are visibly concerned about their performance to date. Others and these are the majority are feeling better about their ability to judge these fast and drifty courts.

Yesterday saw Earl Ball win both his games. Besides Earl, Roy Babcock, Gary Orvis, Bob Weber and Pauline Young also won both games. Some that have been struggling every day won their first game of the event.

Earl is getting more comfortable and has been successfully putting up blocks and getting the disk to stop where he wants. Both of these tactics were not previously possible. One thing that is important here is clearing and STICKING on a score. Scoring can be difficult so by trying to clear and stick gives you a back stop of sorts to assist with a score. Of course this tactic in Florida would easily lead to getting yourself “kitchened” on the next shot. Here though being put in the kitchen is a remote possibility. BUT putting yourself in the kitchen is a real threat.

Today the teams will play their last 48 games. The East is hoping to cut into the large lead the West has in order to have a more acceptable performance.

After the matches today both teams are heading to a pizza get together to say goodbye to new friends we have made and tease them about what is in store for them in Florida next year.

Go East! Score! BY BOB WEBER!! 2009-09-21

OK Shufflers: Here we go:  hemet7 team and hemet12 hemet14 hemet 9 hemet1 hemet2 hemet3 hemet4 hemet5 hemet6 hemet8 hemet10 hemet11   and  I do hope you enjoyed the “Look Back” to 2009, to the First East West Challenge.

Thanks to Bob Weber for the fine reporting during the Event!!  Stan 2018 09 04

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