The Shuffleboard Community Loses Art Vogel of the Zephyrhills Club.

The pix above are mine, the articles are from Chuck Moulton’s Site.  Pic on the left is of Art and his wife Irma.

Artie Vogel Left Us To-day, 2018 09 09.  I am going to give you a link to the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Site. There you will have access to two good articles regarding Art.   ;

Stan McCormack.  2018 09 09.

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4 Responses to The Shuffleboard Community Loses Art Vogel of the Zephyrhills Club.

  1. Glenna says:

    So sorry to read about Art’s passing. He was one of the first people we met who helped us learn the game of shuffleboard. We all lived in Winter’s Park when we started out on the shuffling journey. My Mom & Dad also played the game with Artie before us. He was always around the courts at ZSC, although not so much in this past year. We will really miss him. Our condolences to Irma and the family. Glenna & David

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  2. Sandi Quinn says:

    Heaven has gained a most wonderful man who will be sorely missed here on earth. One of my fondest memories of shuffleboard is about Art. The first summer we went to Lakeside Stan and I signed up to play in the ‘fun’ tournament on Wednesday that Marian Matchett used to run for the pros. We did not know Art at that time. When he got to the court and discovered he had drawn me it was obvious he was deeply disappointed. However, he was very friendly and said we would have fun playing a couple of matches. As we won match after match he became even more friendly and excited, and as it turned out, we won the tournament. He was the happiest little guy and we formed a bond of friendship that would last for many years. This is what makes shuffleboard so wonderful!!

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  3. Glen Peltier. says:

    Art made such an impression on all of us. Every time you seen him you never knew what he was going to say. His skill level of his game of shuffleboard was so high that he could beat anyone. The buildings will never be the same without Art walking through the doors. Glen Peltier.

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  4. Virginia Chandler says:

    Great guy and will be missed alot! Condolences to Irma and friends!

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