Hurricane Florence: Please Stay Away From Hendersonville!! 2018 09 11

The 2018 US Nationals begin in Hendersonville on 2018 09 13 (Thursday).

The Weatherman tells us that Hurricane Florence is indeed headed to the Carolinas.  “The forecast places North Carolina in the bull’s-eye,” North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said Monday, Sep 10. “When weather forecasters tell us life threatening, we know that it is serious. … We here in North Carolina are bracing for a hard hit.”

Stan Speaks: I thought it would be appropriate to look back at a Hurricane Lois and I experienced in 2004!!  I would describe it as an adventure!! Hurricane Frances hit NC in 2004 during the 2004 US Nationals and caused a good deal of damage and disruption. I thought we would post our story of our experience in 2004 to remind shufflers just how quickly things can turn bad!!  

This story begins on the evening of Sep 07th, 2004. We are watching and listening to warnings about our geographic area ~~ Hendersonville County NC. We have received from 6 to 8 inches of rain to-day! In the county just north of us rain is falling at the rate of 2 inches per hour.
Our area is expecting 4 additional inches of rain tonight and rain is forecast for tomorrow. The stream behind is flooding into our area and water is now up to the lower step of our 5th Wheel Trailer. As a precaution I have already disconnected my sewer line and removed all of my stability jacks to facilitate a quick escape from our site. The area immediately behind us is flooded to a depth of at least one foot ~~ covering an area of perhaps 20 acres. Tornado watch and tornado warnings are in effect in the adjoining counties. It is now 22:20 and we are watching TV coverage for our area while at the same time watching the water depth increase at our door step!! Each time I take an outside “water check” I return soaked, running shoes on my feet for protection not from the water, but from anything submerged.
I have established a bench mark for our removal, that being when the water exceeds a depth of 5 inches above our lower step at the side door. Prior to that, at about 3 inches, I will connect the truck to our 5th Wheel in final preparation. At about this time I feel more like a war correspondent than a Shuffleboard Reporter??? Alf told me that this trip would be a breeze ~~ LOL ~~ just wait until I next see him!! Going to sign off for now. Do hope that I can add a “happy” or at least a “safe ending” to this story tomorrow morning.

And now “Tomorrow morning”: Just after I signed off we began to see flashing lights at the entrance to the park property. Next we have fire/rescue personnel in a rubber dingy and paddling no less, past our back windows, looking in at us!! They proceed to the trailer just behind us and two people are rescued. Time now: Just past midnight. Next the park manager and the rescue personnel come to our door and advise/recommend that we move our 5th Wheel to higher ground. They inform us that the water is expected to rise an additional one to two feet. Since this is in excess of my benchmark, we begin to execute our plan. I disconnect the power standing in about 12″ of water ~~ not easy but if done carefully, an acceptable operation. The one remaining thing I could not do is access the water connection ~~ It was just too deep to reach the tap. Left the water hose connected and closed off the “other end”!!

We complete the move to higher ground about 01:00 hrs on Wed, Sep 08th. Looking at the spot where we were parked this morning, it is fortunate that we moved. Rain continues but at a lesser rate. In summary, we are safe and sound. Not everyone in the park was as fortunate. Flooding is extensive. at 08:25 on Sep 08th. That is Sep 08th of 2004.

Stan McCormack.   Writing in Bobcaygeon, ON. 2018 09 10.

This is a pic of Arlene Guerrini and Glen Peltier. It would appear that they took 1st place in the National Doubles at Hendersonville in 2004.

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