Breast Cancer Awareness Month is Rapidly Approaching by Al Dronsfield

The 2018/19 season is just around the corner as well as Breast Cancer Awareness month. We all know that breast cancer as well as all forms of cancer doesn’t start and end with the month of October. It’s of course relentless and is a 365 day issue.
Beginning October 1st. at Hawthorne, I will again campaign towards awareness by accepting donations with the ribbons on hand and pink nails as well. I encourage you all to help with this campaign. Some have said that takes courage to paint my nails pink, I disagree, that takes no courage, it’s just paint. The real courage is those that fight the cancer and the supportive family and friends behind them.
A reminder that last year we accumulated $750.00 which I turned over to the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation. A great organization here in Florida. They have sent me their financial statements showing that more then 90% of all donations go to Research, Awareness and Education. It’s not all gobbled up in administrative costs.
Please join me again, lets try to raise the bar even higher.

Al Dronsfield   2018 09 11

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1 Response to Breast Cancer Awareness Month is Rapidly Approaching by Al Dronsfield

  1. Glenna says:

    Great going Al. Being a cancer survivor, I wish to applaud your diligence and efforts to help people like me and many others we know. Whatever they learn in the US research will spill over to help us Canadians as well. Please support him everyone, pink nails and all!!!! Glenna

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