The US Nationals begin tomorrow, 2018 09 13 (Thursday) in Hendersonville NC!! “N 12”

The US Nationals begin tomorrow, 2018 09 13 (Thursday) in Hendersonville NC!!  “N 12”  Those of us at some distance, paying attention to the TV, are concerned about the STORM scheduled to land on the shore of NC the same day as the US Nationals begin????  Earl Ball and Erik Hahmann (above left) are playing together.  When I asked Earl if he was concerned about the Storm, his reply: “No, Just Another Adventure”!!  Harold Thorne shared this with me: “We have not seen Earl and Eric yet. We were expecting Wilma and Red but have not seen or heard from them. The Stuarts, Debby and Darrell, are planning to be here from Charlotte. Otherwise we just do not know. Joyce and Bob Smith are here.”  Also attending are Dean Myklejord and wife Nancy, both first rate shufflers. I have no idea with whom the men are partnering, save and except Earl and Erik.

Will Jay Fitzpatrick partner with Dave Wenger as they did in 2017?? Both are  local to Hendersonville??  Will Warren King partner with Stan Quinn???  Also “locals”???  Look for these women to have their names in the winners circle: Pat Knapp, Kathy Brennan, Christine Giumarra, Sandi Quinn, Betty Loveland, Nancy Myklejord, Marilyn Phifer, Cathy Lawson and Carolyn Burrell.

Let’s hope the Men’s Ladies’ Doubles sets the stage for Singles and Mixed Doubles to follow.

Stan McCormack,  2018 09 12 22:35



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