Debbie Stuart Sends Along This Fine Report. 2018 09 14

Debby Stuart Sends Along This Info.:  In preparation for the NC State Shuffleboard Senior Olympics, the Eastern Band Cherokee Senior Shufflers held a clinic this past Saturday in Cherokee, NC. Merritt Youngdeer, Senior Shuffler, invited Darrell and Debby Stuart of Charlotte, NC, to their new Senior Activity area to view the four snap-together courts and to explore some wining shuffleboard strategies. Approximately 30 Seniors attended, including the group’s eldest at 92. After three hours of practice, the Center provided a pot luck lunch coordinated by Janelle Rattler, Cherokee Activity Coordinator.  Re pic above: The names of those in the group photo are, left to right: Jan Wahneeta, Willard McCoy, Cathy Littlejohn, Barbara Schuessler, Lulie Youngdeer, Merritt Youngdeer, Geraldine Thompson, Laura Smith, Berney Clayton, Lyman Clayton, and Annie Owens. ( Several of the participants had left by the time I remembered to take a photo!)

Just a note: While we were at the clinic, we were surprised to learn Merritt Youngdeer (Pic at left) had been at the 2017 National Senior Olympics’ competition in Shuffleboard, where he won Silver. In the category of “small world”, Darrell had taken 7th place in the same age group — and sure enough, we had photos of both of them standing 2 people away from each other on the podium. They met up again in the Fall of 2017 at NC state Senior Olympics competition, never realizing they had been standing that close to each other several months prior.

THANK YOU to Debbie Stuart for sending along this information.  Stan McCormack.  2018 09 14.

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