Celebrations take place in Hendersonville NSA Tournament N12.

Not surprisingly, some of the Shufflers attending the National Event (N12) in Hendersonville, NC got together for a Pot Luck/Karoke. Above we have Yvon and Jay serenading their wives.  (Unfortunately it was not recorded, or I would post!!! lol

Kathy Brennan Lauzier presented Dean Myklejord with his NSA CHAMPION Pin.  And finally, we must give you a pic of Dean and Lyle accepting the Trophy for taking 1st Place, Men’s Doubles.  Lyle Walker, Dean’s partner had earned his Pin in May of this year while competing in the Summer Nationals in Lakeland, FL.

I apologize to the winners of the Women’s Doubles. If they had a Celebration, they did not send me pix or a summary.  They were Carol Lumsden and Pat Knapp. Go here to read:   https://theshuffler.net/2018/09/14/carol-lumsden-earns-the-right-to-wear-the-us-nsa-champion-pin-pat-knapp-had-already-won-the-right/

Pix sent along by Katy Walker with THANKS!!  Posted by Stan, 2018 09 15.

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