Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club of Ontario celebrates 10 seasons.

Myrna Bilton Speaks:  Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club celebrates 10 seasons with another successful summer ending on Thursday, Sept 13th. CWSC has approx. 75 members that have shuffled this past summer.
We started at 1:00 pm with 3 games of shuffleboard. Everyone then worked hard rolling up the courts and putting the shuffle equipment in the trailer for storage until May 2019.

President Maureen Bryan held the Annual General Meeting.
A huge “Thank you and Congratulations” to Maureen and executive for a “job well done”.

We ended our day with lots of food, camaraderie and hugs…….then said our goodbyes for another season.
“It’s the FRIENDS we meet along the way that help us appreciate the JOURNEY “

Sent along by Myrna Bilton WITH THANKS!!  Stan 2018 09 15.

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3 Responses to Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club of Ontario celebrates 10 seasons.

  1. Gary pipher says:

    Good looking gang of seniors out for fun .
    P.S. What does Rendal have in his mouth . Is it a hotdog ?? ha ha


  2. Myrna Bilton says:

    It sure looks like that…..don’t know where he got that….we ate pizza!!!


  3. Glen Peltier. says:

    I never heard of the Wellington shuffleboard club. I hope next year to travel to all areas, tournaments and clubs. I will get the information from Jim Corbeil. I would like to see the Wellinton shuffleboard club. Glen Peltier


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