Message From Paul Sauerwine.

Marion and Paul Sauerwine

Stan Speaks:  Paul Sauerwine has asked me to circulate this e-mail.  As you will see, Paul has been having some medical problems.   No couple did more to support shuffleboard at Lakeland, FL than Paul and wife Marion.  Here is a typical example of what the two of them do.  Lakeland Paul & Marion Sauerwine  

Paul Speaks:  My apology for not responding sooner.
I just was not able to communicate.

It has been a long and laborious road that I have just traveled.

But, thanks to my doctors and their supporting staff,
the Angles that took care of me (they represent then selves as Nurses)
and the entire hospital staff, some of whom poked and prodded me, my surgery was a success.  Now begins my healing process.

My thanks to each of you for your prayers, words of encouragement +/or compassion conveyed to Marion and I.

To my family, classmates and friends I love each one of you
for so many different and crazy things that have been said or done.
A smile, a nod, some expression or act that I alone remember, a coffee shared or a story told.

To my High School classmates I’m so glad we have maintained contact throughout these years and to our “adopted classmates” I think of you as if you were always one of us.

To my 6th grade classmates it has been my personal pleasure to talk to every living member of our class.  72 years after we walked out of Woodward Elementary School, for the last time in June 1946.  Not too many people can boast about that

To my Florida, Michigan, Ohio, some states in between, and all across Canada friends I treasure every shuffleboard tournament we ever competed in, either as partner or opponent, won or lost.  I shall long remember these words ” clear the court and score your bloody hammer”.

To my church family “Thank You” for your prayers and concerns.
We know the Alpha and we will know the Omega.

…and to my Bocce ball friends. “Lookout, I shall return”.

Paul J. Sauerwine.    Posted by Stan 2018 09 16  You may also wish to go here: ;

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3 Responses to Message From Paul Sauerwine.

  1. Jim Corbeil says:

    Way to go Paul, Have a speedy recovery.
    Best to you and Marion.
    Jim and Marlene Corbeil.

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  2. Glenna says:

    We’re rooting for you to have a speedy and full recovery Paul. Bless you both.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Earl Ball says:

    I knew you’d do it; wouldn’t expect any less!
    I think of you both from time to time; some fine memories.

    Liked by 1 person

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