US NSA Singles of 2018. Hendersonville, NC Come Out; No Admission on Monday!!

Stan Speaks:  Hi Shufflers!!  If you are not in Hendersonville, NC, I bet you wish you were!!!  Monday,  Sep. 17th 2018,  the US NSA Singles Begins: Jeffrey Luneau did some fine on site reporting for the 2017 Event.  If this is an INDICATION of what we can expect tomorrow, LET’S GO!!!  (Big Thank You to Jeffrey!! Fine Reporting!!) Pat Knapp takes first in the Women’s Singles!!Another Great Job Pat!!

2017 Event:  On Site Reporting by Jeffrey Luneau: In the men’s quarter finals two local favorites (Dave Wenger and Jay Fitzpatrick) played each other. In the final game, Dave had the hammer and was down 16 points to Jay. Dave managed to hide two 7s down the alley. Due to blocks at the top of board and the large drift, they were not reachable by Jay. Jay’s attempt to bump up for an eight just misses. Still down 2 points Dave has little choice but to use the alley again. There is little to no room in the seven; however, he manages to score a third 7 for 21 points and a win. This was a close fought match all the way as expected.
Dave wins his semi match in two games and advances on to the finals playing for 1st in the Main. He now faces Wally Thyssen . Wally is coming off a close fought win over Joe Cote. In their third and final game, Wally has a one point lead over Dave with the hammer in the last frame. Every one is watching Dave looking for another miracle come from behind win. Dave’s attempt at getting Wally in the kitchen fails as Wally continues to clear the board. He scores his hammer and wins his 1st National Singles pin.
Congratulations to all for some really fun to watch matches.


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