The Passing of Tara Goldman. 2018 09 16.

We are saddened to inform you that Tara Goldman left us on Sunday, Sep. 16th, 2018.  Helen Biaggi offers the following remarks in Memory of Tara.

Tara made a positive impact on every person she met, her smile was contagious.
Her excitement the day she made Hall of Fame was a day I will never forget. Her partner Deb Norton and Tara played their hearts out and once the match was over Tara had a hard time controlling her emotions. Ruth Brown and Lynne Schick won the match but this was Tara’s moment and we all surrounded her with love. The tears of joy and happiness flowed that day. The tears today are for a different reason. A beautiful face, with beautiful grace has left us. We miss you & love you as God wraps his arms around you dear sweet Tara.

Helen Biaggi. 2018 09 17

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1 Response to The Passing of Tara Goldman. 2018 09 16.

  1. ken offenther says:

    tara was a sweet and lovely woman who has left us far too early.a great player but more a winner even when she lost.she would never ever regardless of facts say anything that could possibility be interpreted as negative about another player, it simply was not her nature,her perennial smile I will be always remember. everybody loved tara goldman,may she be at peace now and for eternity

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