Peter Berg Shares His Personal Story 2018 09 20

Peter Berg Speaks: Hi Stan! Here is my story, very similar to your Poplar/Oak tree story. The bark on my tree looks identical to your tree. It burns fast but gives a lot of heat.
I agree with you, as we get older everything gets a little harder. I used to lift the logs on to the wood splitter. Not any more. So I had this idea.
Notice my lifting device.

Stan Speaks: Let me congratulate Peter!!! This is a fantastic idea which eliminates the brute strength required to hoist the heavy piece on to the wood splitter!!  Just in case there are Readers who do not know Peter and wife Erika: OSA PETER BY MYRNA 2016 06  Posted on 2019 09 20. Thanks so very much Peter!! Stan



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6 Responses to Peter Berg Shares His Personal Story 2018 09 20

  1. Pat Batdorff says:

    Peter, this is so interesting and very clever. Thanks for sharing. Hello to Erika and see you both soon.
    Thanks Stan.

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  2. susan b. daidone says:

    Wow what a great idea. this is our thinking man Peter!! See you and Erika soon. HUGS

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  3. John Mickle says:

    Great idea Peter. . . however, I would like to add for the benefit of our American friends, that not all Canadians rely on wood for heat. In the more suburban areas we have natural gas, propane, electric and oil furnaces. All of these are a heck of lot easier to use than wood. That said, congrats to both Stan and Peter for keeping their heating costs very reasonable. . . Cheer – John Mickle

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  4. stanistheman says:

    Thanks John: I am not sure either of us did it FOR THE HEAT? We did it because we derived a Great Deal of Satisfaction, of fulfillment!! Stan


  5. Myrna Bilton says:

    Congrats to Stan & Peter for keeping in shape by cutting wood……you do not have to pay gym fees!! Good for you young fellows!!

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  6. stanistheman says:

    Thanks Myrna. For me at least, it is PAST TENSE. I look back with satisfaction, BUT, could NOT do it at this time. Stan


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