The Houstons, Alf and Myrna Have a Wedding Anniversary To-day!! A Lifetime of Memories.

Nurses Should Return To Wearing White Uniforms!  Houstons on their 50th; SOME TIME AGO!!!! 

Myrna was born in Regina Saskatchewan during WW 2. 10 days later her mom moved them back to Montreal as Myrna’s dad was serving in the Canadian Airforce. Myrna was the eldest of 4 and has wonderful memories of her youth. Her mom was very sick from an early age and the responsibility of raising her siblings fell on Myrna’s shoulders. This was a duty that she really enjoyed. She never felt put upon but instead loved the experience of caring for them, planning excursions, organising activities

and generally seeing that they had wonderful childhoods. She loved to take them fishing, hiking, on picnics and to teach them to participate in sports and games. Like life for most of us material things were scarce but that never limited fun and good times.
These years taught her to be the reliable, responsible and independent Myrna that we know today.
Alf was born in Vancouver, the same year as the Hindenburg disaster. He had one older sibling- a step brother. His father was a very successful commercial fisherman who owned a fleet of gill-netter boats. At a very early age Alf learned the trade and spent his school holidays from the age of 12 as a one man crew operator. This continued until he graduated from High School at which time he took command of a boat and fished full time on the Mighty Fraser River and out on the Pacific Ocean up as far as Prince Rupert. Winters were spent working at the lumber mills.

Even back then there was no job that Alf wouldn’t take on. His strong work ethic was developed early. In his free time he could be found singing at various events around the city. He loved music even then but he learned very early that this was an excellent way to meet young ladies. He never liked to miss an opportunity for advancement
At the age of 20 Myrna followed her dream of seeing the Rockies. On the spur of the moment she cashed in her savings and bought a round trip bus ticket to the West Coast. As she passed through the mountains tears streamed down her face at the majestic beauty of them. Her dream was fulfilled. Arriving in Vancouver a blind date was arranged for her by her friend . She was astonished to meet this large red haired outdoorsman with a sparkle in his eyes. For Alf it was love at first sight.
After a week of dating AIf showed up with a box of chocolates. Alf has always been the romantic and passionate one. When Myrna heard that he was celebrating their first week anniversary she rolled on the floor laughing. That was the end of Myrna receiving candy.
When Alf went off fishing he bribed Myrna into living with his mother by giving her his car
Three months later, the romance hot and heavy, Myrna and AIf took off for Montreal to meet with her family.
In January AIf joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Regina while Myrna went back to work in Montreal. To ensure the relationship continued he left Myrna with his car. After two months he insisted she join him out west. After his graduation in September, they
travelled to his post in Ottawa. However on the way they detoured to Crookston Minnesota where they found an Episcopalian Church. Myrna fainted during the service from nervous excitement. As luck would have it this was the first wedding that the new Minister had ever performed . After the service he took them out for a big celebration which included dinner.
The RCMP requires that its members remain single for three years so after working with them for 1 year Alf terminated his service and they went back to Vancouver. Here they started their family.
They moved back to Quebec to be near Myrna’s mom. Later with a family of 3 children and a foster child, Myrna’s pioneer spirit surfaced. Alf joined Air Canada as a mechanic and often had to travel 2 hours to work as their wee farms was out from the city. Goats, geese turkeys, chickens ran about their property. They chose a hobby farm to buy. Horses were often in their barn, speckled trout in their river. Myrna loved to milk the goats and even made yogurt before it became popular. They bred dogs Newfies, terriers and poodles at different times

For their 25th wedding anniversary party they had a renewal of their marriage vows. Her father who always regretted not giving her away had the opportunity as he was wheeled down the aisle in his wheel chair. Their daughter planned a wonderful reception for them with all their relatives and friends. Music was supplied by a band and dancing followed dinner. It was truly a great celebration.

Myrna’s mother’s illness took them back to Montreal ‘her father was now in the vet hospital.. While Alf Nursed her mom, Myrna went to college to train as a Registered Nurse. For 6 years Myrna road her bicycle to school during all seasons. After graduation she worked as a charge nurse in a nursing home.

The year that Myrna graduated their 3 children got married.

David, their eldest is an officer in the Canadian Army and served in Afghanistan. He has 5 children ranging in age from 27 to 2 years. At the present time he lives in Edmonton Alberta.
Wendy, their only daughter resides in Montreal. She has followed in her Father’s footsteps and was a mechanic for Air Canada. She was the first female mechanic that was trained and hired by that airline. She has 4 children ages 18 to 14. Wendy has recently retired from Air Canada.
Blair, the youngest lives in Tampa and works in computer technology. He has 2 children a boy and a girl as well as 3 step children They range in age from 17 to 8.
Alf and Myrna are thrilled to have grandchildren close by while in Florida as well as in Montreal.

They have had a very adventurous life together always ready to take on any task that gets their attention. In 50 years they have lived in many different homes and have spent a great deal of time travelling.
When asked their advice on having a long and happy marriage they agree that each must give 75% and as such give more than you expect to get back.

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3 Responses to The Houstons, Alf and Myrna Have a Wedding Anniversary To-day!! A Lifetime of Memories.

  1. What an exciting life you two have led! No wonder you’re both such vibrant people! Happy anniversary and we hope for many more to come!


  2. stanistheman says:

    So true Mary!! I believe your word VIBRANT is entirely fitting!! Stan


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