The 2018-2019 FSA Season Opens. We share with you a report of the Hawthorne Tournament. Report by Earl Ball

HawthorneHosts SeasonOpener 10-2-2018 HAWTHORNE HOSTS FSA SEASON OPENER
Leesburg’s Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club opened the Shuffleboard season on Monday, October 1st with Henry Strong and Earl Ball of Zephyrhills winning the Men’s Division Championship while Marion Lohbusch and Sue McLaughlin  from the host Club won the Women’s Championship.
Strong and Ball won every game on their way to victory but half could have gone the other way and were won on the last shot before certain defeat.

Dean Myklejord, Lakeland, and Mike Seyfer, Zephyrhills were the runners-up while Gabby Gabbert and John Houghtaling of Zephyrhills took the third position giving Zephyrhills a great showing in the Men’s Tournament.

The same was true for the host Club in the Women’s Division. Lohbusch and McLaughlin were the clear class of the field with Gail Howell of the Northern District teaming with duel member, Katy Walker. Katy lives in the Hawthorne complex but also holds membership in her past home Club, Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club. McLaughlin now has 195 hall of Fame points and most certainly will qualify to be inducted this coming January. To read the complete Hawthorne Results, go here:

Thanks to Earl Ball for sending along this report!! Stan. 2018 10 02. To view the Results of the Pt. Charlotte Tournament:

 Thanks to Glenn Monroe for sending along complete Results.  Stan 2018 10 03.

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