FSA PO1A; One of Two “Opening Tournaments” hosted by Port Charlotte,

Southern District President Bob Smith Speaks:  State Pro tournament started off with terrific heat and blue skies. President Dave came with his new partner Eric Hahmann and almost pulled off a win. But it came down to two Hall of Famer’s Ray Buck and Ken Offenther that came out on top. In the ladies division Joyce Smith and Marti Noble held off two top players from Bradenton, Pam Nurnberger and Terry Smith to get the first win of the year. A great start to the 2018-19
season. I give you the full results:

Ladies -Main.                                                      Consolation
1. Marti Noble – Joyce Smith                     1. Debbie Norton – Cecile Messier
2. Pam Nurnberger- Terri Smith              2. Joan Mondry – Flo Kowalski
3. Kathy Brennan – Joyce Marquis           3. Carol Healey – Janet Casselman
4. Joyce Radcliff – Regina Davis.              4. Kay Cramblit – Rosemary Comeau

Men – Main                                                      Consolation
1. Ken Offenther – Ray Buck                       1. Pete Sikoski – Jerry Holbrook
2. Eric Hahmann – Dave Kudro                 2. Jack Moore – Randy Coleman
3. Ron Nurnberger – Mike Marquis           3. Jack Norton – Stan Kowalski
4. John L. Brown – Steve Slaughterbeck  4. Frank Teresi – Ed Geueke


Sent by Bob Smith, President Southern District

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