Thelma Springer Has Left Us; May She Rest In Peace.

We are saddened to report that Thelma Springer left us on 2019 09 28.

Why do people like Thelma Springer keep going? She is recognized as one of the greatest lady player of all times, both in the FSA and the Nationals. Her game is still at the top level. She like many of us are hooked. Glen Peltier speaking in  2010.

Earl Ball said this in 2006: Don’t count out all time National points leader Thelma Springer; she may have one last surprise in mind.  AND THIS in 2007:  Thelma who’s been in the game as long as anyone can remember, and she is still going strong!  A couple of weeks ago I called Ellie  Prevost a veteran Shuffler but she’s a mere child when compared with Thelma who’s been in the game as long as anyone can remember and still going strong.  

THELMA SPRINGER – CD: FSA HOF in 1994. Supporting Remarks:

When THELMA SPRINGER became a Pro in 1983, it was difficult for her to find partners as the was relatively unknown on the Pro circuit. She and her husband, Jim, were the only Pro players from the Lake Placid Shuffleboard Club. However, it wasn’t long before her outstanding ability was recognized and she was in demand as a partner, and seen as an awesome threat by opponents. Few players have Thelma’s uncanny knack for winning a “lost” game when it appears to be “all over but the shouting.” Witnesses are often amazed to see this tenacious lady persevere to victory where defeat appears inevitable. Equally surprising is her apparent determination to ignore the elements and human frailty. Rain, sleet, wind, and unbearable heat go unnoticed. While a match is in progress, she appears immune to exhaustion or physical ills. She simply refuses to acknowledge the presence of such distractions — therefore, they don’t exist. This enigma called Thelma even seems to extend this mind-set to her appearance, which is always picture perfect regardless of circumstances. Thelma has an impressive record of 17 first-place wins in singles and 15 in doubles. She won the Tournament of Champions twice; the National Singles twice; the National Doubles twice; and the Florida State Doubles once. She was champion of the Pro Ladies Divi­sion in 1991. She qualified for the Masters three times, and played twice. To date, she has acquired 236 Pro points. Thelma won the Michigan State Singles twice and the Doubles three times. She was top woman player in Ohio nine of the last ten years. She was inducted into the National Hall of Fame in 1993. In short, she is the epitome of the word WINNER. CONGRATULATIONS, Thelma, on your nomination and induction into the F.S.A. Hall of Fame!

Posted by Stan on 2018 10 03.

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1 Response to Thelma Springer Has Left Us; May She Rest In Peace.

  1. Sandi Quinn says:

    So sorry to hear this news about Thelma. Heaven has gained another one of Shuffleboard’s greatest players. We began playing 22 yrs. ago when many great shufflers and friends were in their late 60s/early 70s. Now they are passing one by one and our hearts break, but we feel very fortunate and blessed to have known and played w/such great shufflers as Thelma. We last visited w/her at the St. Pete ISA event a few years ago and she was as sweet as always. Rest In Pease, Dear Friend . . you will be missed and are in the wonderful memories of many, many people. ❤

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