OUT OF THE NORTH by Allen Dronsfield!! (Posted on 2018 10 06)

The Northern District chimes in with the results of our season opener from the Deland club. A fair turnout considering it’s early in the season. This season we had warm temperatures instead of rain. The courts were very slow and required a little more effort.
On another note! Monday was the first of October, Breast Cancer Awareness month and thus far we’ve accumulated $169.00 towards research, awareness and education. I am again campaigning for donations for the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation. This great organization takes 100% of donations and directs it towards the mentioned above. Their administrative costs come from other avenues. Please join me in helping with this disease, I will be bringing the ribbons to each of our state tournaments and district tournaments throughout this month.

A follow-up from Monday and Tuesday’s state tournament at  Hawthorne.  Congratulations go out to Sue McLaughlin and Marion Lohbusch for taking first in the ladies main, as well as Earl and Henry in the men.
Already mentioned was Sue advancing towards the FSA HOF with now 195 points.    Allen Dronsfield and Stan Williamson took 1st in Consolation, those two points advanced Allen towards the FSA HOF with now 197 points. The significance of this is a historic milestone for the northern district with the assumption both will make it. As many from other Districts join each other in entering the HOF together this will be the first time in the history of the Northern District by inducting not one but two players in the same season. By all accounts looking at the established points accumulated this, it may very well be the last time this happens in our District.

The Any Dbls. tournament results – 10/4 &5/18 Deland

Main Event
1st. Allen Dronsfield/Frank Cherill ————————— Leesburg
2nd. Bob Metz/Joe Inga —————————————-Deland
3rd. Dave Martin/Paul Hodges——————————– Leesburg/Tavares
4th. Dave Dean/Ron Carr ———————————– — Leesburg

Consolation Event
1st. Rex Galuasha/Zac Wonson ————————— Coronado/Mainland
2nd. Dennis Buelk/Tom Rimmer————————- Coronado/Mainland
3rd. Christine Inga/Freeda Carr ————————- Deland/Hawthorne
4th. Dee Metz/Edna Triplett —————-          Deland/Coronado/Mainland

Note! Next Thursday and Friday we are at Tavares in the No Two Pro tournament. Registration closes at 8:45 a.m. Lunches will be available.
Reported by Allen Dronsfield 10/6/18

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