Gus and Marie Bondi Celebrate 63 Years of Happiness!!

  • Gus Bondi Said This on his 60th Wedding Anniversary!!  Imagine what he will say to-day, on his 63 Wedding Anniversary!!! 

I wish that we could spend another 60 years together even with the last 3 1/2 years with my health problems because I had the best partner in the world at my side to nurse me back to good health……my wife……she sure has taken good care of me. Gus Bondi.

Stan speaks, 2018 10 07: Gus tells me he is feeling well! AND OF COURSE, Marie is always WELL!

Gus AND Marie; Happy 63 Wedding Anniversary from All Shufflers!!  May you have many more.   

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8 Responses to Gus and Marie Bondi Celebrate 63 Years of Happiness!!

  1. Jim and Marlene Corbeil says:

    Happy Anaversery Gus and we hope many more.
    Jim and Marlene Corbeil

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  2. Max and Ruth says:

    Happy Anniversary Gus & Marie

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  3. Glenna says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to 2 wonderful special people, and may you share many more healthy returns of the day. Love, Glenna & David

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  4. Gus Bondi says:

    Thanks Stan

    Sent from my iPad

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  5. Sandi Quinn says:

    Happy Anniversary Marie & Gus . . God Bless You Both!!! ❤

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  6. Ian Reiher says:

    Hi Marie and Gus, Congratulations, glad to read that your health has improved so much Gus. Regards and best wishes, Marj & Ian. Australia. 🇦🇺 Sent from my iPad Ian Reiher


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  7. Myrna Bilton says:

    Congratulations Gus & Marie on your 63rd Wedding Anniversary
    Prayers for good health
    Myrna & Rendall


  8. Ronald Ferry says:



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