Welcome to John Brown as He Begins His 2018-2019 Reporting.

John and Dolores Brown Speak:  WELCOME 2018-2019 SHUFFLE SEASON:  Stan Speaks: I am so HAPPY to have John send along his weekly articles!! His Dedication and Ability SHINE!!    

This column resumes today after one week of Fall tournaments. We were happy to see the pleasant return of Larry Mardis of Ohio after a couple of season’s absence. Larry was caregiver to his mother who was in declining health for many months prior to her passing last season.
Our District lost a true champion shuffler in the passing of Jim Miller last May. Jim and Jo have done so much over the years to help upgrade the Bradenton host site. Jim traveled statewide and remained humble despite the fact that he already had enough Florida points to be in the Hall of Fame 3 times. He also helped recondition many shuffle courts in this area and in Indiana. We offer our sympathy to Jo and her family.
Our sympathy also to Ann Wedel and her family as Walt Wedel also passed on in June after long illness. Walt and Ann lived in Michigan and wintered at Golf Lakes for more than 20 years. Walt and Earl Dunn were a strong team when I began to play here.
Long time State players may remember Lois McCormack who also played well, including representing Canada in International play for years. Stan The Man of the Shuffler website has done much for publicity in our sport. It is proverbial that a great lady is often the back up of a great man.
Thelma Springer of Zephyrhills also has completed her life. This columnist first met Thelma at Lakeside, OH where she had a good record. She also used to stay a few days annually with Jane O here in Trailer Estates.
The Southwest Coast District 2018-19 Schedule is perfect from October through February, we believe. However: D-19 is Feb. 28-March 1 at Palmetto
March 2 at Bradenton is the last Open Board Meeting
A-16 at Trailer Estates is March 8-9 at TE, Any Doubles, 75 points.
The Partner-Finding Service is complete and free. Available at Tournaments or call 756-8548
FL P-1A at Port Charlotte, Oct 1-3.

Ladies Main: 2. Pam Nurnberger-Terri Smith, 3. Joyce Marquis and partner. Ladies Consolation: 2. Flo Kowalewski and partner. Men Main: 2. Dave Kudro and partner, 3. Ron Nurnberger-Mike Marquis, 4. John L. Brown-Steve Slaughterbeck. Men Consolation: 3. Stan Kowalewski and partner
SWCD C-1 at Bradenton, Oct 4-5, Open Any Doubles. Main: 1. Bill Hollabaugh-Arne Congdon, 2. Pam Nurnberger-Nancy Sclafani, 3. Ron Nurnberger-Larry Taylor, 4. Ben Coy-Faren VanDeGrift. Consolation: 1. John L. Brown-Steve Slaughter beck, 2. Donna Shultz-Larry Mardis, 3. Lois Wegner-Marlene Coburn, 4. Grant Childerhose-Joe Kent.
Today is the second day of FL P-2A at Avon Park and P-2B at Zephyrhills, M/L Doubles.
Thursday, Oct 11 SWCD D-2 at Bradenton, M/L Open Doubles, 75 points.
Next Monday, Oct 15 FL P-3 at St. Petersburg, P-3A,P-3B at Lee County, Mixed Doubles. Also Monday Oct. 15, FL A1 at St. Petersburg, Any Ams/Any Doubles.
. 10 of 16 winners at Port Charlotte from South West Coast District! Happy Shuffling.

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