Al Dronsfield Reports on the 2nd 2018 District Tournament!!

Al Dronsfield Speaks:  We had our concerns whether Michael was going to wash us out or not; we dodged the bullet and the Northern District put on it’s second event of the young season.

We certainly wish those in the panhandle that were hit so hard the best and a speedy recovery. As Stan Bober mentioned it was hot, he hit it on the head, it was hot in the north as well.
As usual I have not done a good job securing pictures of the winners and those that were finalist didn’t pass any on to me. That is probably a hint that I wasn’t there today in the finals. No; my partner and I weren’t able to repeat this one and left on Thursday. I got to sneak off and play a round of golf with 11 others.
The tournament was a No Two Pro Tournament, we had a fair turnout, Donna King was the Director. Edie and Judith provided the belly buster hot dogs, they were great also.
The city has installed some new composite benches in some locations at Tavares, very comfortable with backrest and all. Sometimes a bit hard to get out of, but you do slide right into them.
The pictures that I do have are of the winners, Frank Cherill off to a good start, two in a row, is on the left and Dave Dean on his right finished 2nd. in Consolation.
Frank’s partner was top Amateur Paul Hodges, he is pictured holding his Frank Willson** Amateur TOC plaque.
The Northern District will be heading over to Coronado/Mainland Club at New Smyrna Beach next week. The tournament is an Any Dbls. event, so if you haven’t got your partner yet get hooked up and get on over there, the courts at Coronado were resurfaced this summer and are running pretty good. They still have their same old drift, sidewalk courts with the inside out drift. No lunches at this one so pack one up.

Stan Speaks: I believe ALL READERS agree that Al does a great job reporting on ND Events!! Believe me, it takes TIME AND EFFORT!!  Thank You Al.

Results – No Two Pro – Tavares

Main Event
1st. Frank Cherill/Paul Hodges —————————————- Leesburg
2nd. Richie Burrell/Rod Lewis —————————————- Deland
3rd. Arlene Jabaut/Jerry Jabaut —————————- ——— ???
4th. Dave Martin/Fred Thompson —————————     —– Leesburg

Consolation Event
1st. Dennis Buelk/Randy Radke ———————————— Coronado/Mainland
2nd. Dave Dean/Dick Kanan —————————————- Leesburg
3rd. Rex Galusha/Zak Wonson ———————————– Coronado/Mainland
4th. Vern Ivey/Louise Donnelly ———————————- Inverness/Deland

Reported by Al Dronsfield 10/12/18

** To read a little about Frank Willson: HOF 4 PR. FRANK WILLSON

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1 Response to Al Dronsfield Reports on the 2nd 2018 District Tournament!!

  1. Mark Engel says:

    Arlene Jabaut/Jerry Jabaut are from Coronado/ Mainland


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