The 2018 Florida Senior Games Begin in 6 Weeks. Register NOW.

Neil Simpson Speaks:  It’s only six weeks until the opening day of the 2018 Florida Senior Games.  Registration is now open for the 2018 Florida Senior Games. Entry fees vary by sport. The online registration deadline is November 18. Athletes can also download registration forms at  ; and return the printed forms with payment to the Florida Sports Foundation.

To date I am aware of the following Heartland Games athletes who plan to compete in the Florida Senior Games. If there are others, please be sure to let me know.  SHUFFLERS: Although no names are shown below, I am confident many of you will be, once again, desirous of participating. Send your names along to Neil Simpson at
Tennis – Bonnie Lambert & Lynda Hahn, Christopher Szymanski and Moni Wahl, Pat Bentz (singles), Johnny Williams, Earl Maslin, Bruce Wyse, Eugene Bengston, Jane Hollinger, Cindy Harper
Golf – Rex Smolek, Thomas Kestler, Pete Konowicz, John Schwartz, Pat Bentz, Mel Olson, Laura Imboden, Kelly Cramer, Lilliane Fargey, Jerry McClain, Max Gnagy, Anne Kelly, Denise St. Onge, Donald St. Onge
Cycling – Allen Hughes, Len Altamura, James Phillips, MJ Chappy, Glenn Wilkinson
Track & Field – Brenda Scott, Chuck Imboden, Ralph Ricker, Brenda Garner, Harold & Audrey Smith, Sandy Garner, Glenn Wilkinson, Roland Jones
Bowling – Al & Cheryl Smethurst
Pickleball – JP Lefebvre & Mario Belanger, Craig Schneider, Richard Lewis & Luc Brien, Jay Bowers, Dennis Aldridge
Table Tennis – Mike Hedges
Swimming – Ted Riley
The 2019 Heartland Games will all take place during the month of February as shown on the attached schedule.

The Heartland Senior Games started in 1997. A few years ago, it was decided that the name of the Games should be expanded to encourage those 50-65 to participate. The Games were then renamed the Heartland Games For Active Adults. However, people continued to refer to them as the Senior Games. In keeping with old traditions and the fact that at both the state and national level they are called Senior Games we have reverted to Heartland Senior Games for 2019.

It is hoped that online registration will be available for 2019.
As soon as registration information is available, I’ll send out word.

I look forward to seeing old acquaintances and making new friends at the 2019 Heartland Senior Games.

The 2019 National Senior Games take place in Albuquerque, New Mexico, June 14-25, 2019.

Neil Simpson, 2018 10 19

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