Earl Ball Looks Back to a 2007 Tournament at Betmar!! How does it compare with the current Betmar T.???


That’s right; 97 teams showed up to play the split FSA tournament at Betmar and it seemed like just as many spectators. The place was jammed and the timing was perfect to have the tournament indoors as winter showed itself in Florida. It was the largest field of the year with 66 Men’s teams and 31 Women’s teams.  (Remember folks, this is in 2007)
To quote Glen Peltier “Shuffleboard is special in Zephyrhills” and it showed.
Gaston Archambault and Richard Eby of Avon Park played the tournament of their careers taking out the “big boys” and walking away with the Championship.
Edna Triplett of Daytona and Betty Lloyd of Pt Charlotte took the Women’s Championship.  (For anyone who may not know, that is Betty on the right)
In the race for 200 points, Stan Williamson moved to within 10 points as did Pat Whitaker while Jim Bailey is only 11 points away.

Report by Earl Ball 2007 02 02  Stan speaking in 2018: I have a pic of Gaston, but not of Richard. During the winter of 2017-2018, I literally lived right across the street from Richard >> but no pic??  Richard and I both played at Avon Park many years ago. Article posted 2018 10 22.

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