John Brown; 2018 Report 3. SHUFFLEBOARD PROGRESSES. 2018 10 24.


 Their name is Cross, but their personalities are pleasant. Dwayne and Judy Cross are a devoted couple whose contributions to our shuffleboard fraternity are exemplary.
Dwayne has competed in Florida for only 15 years and last week earned his 200th District point making him eligible for induction into the Southwest Coast District Hall of Fame. Dwayne has been on Team U.S.A. in Australia, Germany, and twice in Canada. He is also a new member of the Michigan Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.
The Crosses summer at Grand Blanc, MI where Dwayne teaches others to play and enjoy this sport. He also teaches at his Condo association, and has helped with several District Schools in past seasons. Also, the Crosses long sponsored tournaments in the SWCD in memory of their late son, a capable veterinarian. Dwayne retired from General Motors after 37 years. This column salutes Dwayne and Judy Cross for their devotion and good example.
FL P-3A at St. Petersburg, Oct. 15-16, Mixed Doubles, 75 points. Main: 3. Nancy Sclafani and partner, 4. Judy and Dwayne Cross. Consolation: 1. Joan and Jerry Curwin.
FL P-3B at Lee County, Oct. 15-16, Mixed Doubles, 75 points. Consolation: 3. Pam and Ron Nurnberger.
FL A-1 at St. Petersburg, Oct. 15-16, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles, 75 points. Main: 4. Martha Kaufman-Bill Bierema.
SWCD D-3 at Bradenton, Oct. 18-19, M/L Doubles, 75 points. Ladies Main: 1. Nancy Sclafani-Terri Smith, 2. Pat Tomko-Lois Wegner, 3. Shirley McCullough-Flo Kowalewski, 4. Cindy Slaughterbeck-Adriana Cramton. Consolation: 1. Marlene Coburn-Pam Nurnberger, 2. Arlene McCague-Cheryl Putnam, 3. Donna Schultz-Joan Curwin, 4. Linda Wallingford-Letha DeVries. Men Main: 1. Faren VanDeGrift-Ben Coy, 2. John Roberson-Nelson Kellogg, 3. Don Brun-Arnie Congdon, 4. Vern Wallingford-Jean Wilson, Jr. Consolation: 1. Grant Childerhose-Tom Putnam,, 2. Dwayne Cross-Dave Minnich, 3. Ron Nurnberger-Larry Taylor, 4. Ed Leonard-David Welsh.
Thursday, Oct. 25, SWCD D-4 at Golf Lakes, M/L Draw Doubles, Restricted to Pros and State Ams. Friday, Oct 26 SWCD A-1 at Golf Lakes, Mingles/Mingles Draw, 16/75 pts. No partner needed. Bring your lunch.
Monday, Oct. 29, FL P-5 at Bradenton, National Singles, M/L, walking 75 points, non-walking 16 frames.
Monday Oct 29, FL –A-2 at Sebring, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles, 75 points.
. Thank you to all readers for accepting our move to Wednesday publication.
. Correction: Last week’s article mistakenly named Steve Slaughterbeck as my partner, 1st Consolation at FL P-2A at Avon Park. Apology to Stan Kowalewski, my actual partner there.
. 2018-2019 FL Previews now available from your Shuffle Club or at any tournament while supplies lst. 150 pages of everything happening this season, rules, news, pictures, records, schedules. At $1.00 this is the best bargain in sports literature.
Happy Shuffling.

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