Ron Nurnberger Reports For the SWCD at Golf Lakes. Rx 2018 10 27

Ron Nurnberger Reports: 27‎ ‎Oct at ‎12‎:‎07‎ ‎PM

Great weather and a great turnout supported Golf Lakes Tournaments this week. NOTE: Local SWCD shufflers welcomed back One of its top Lady shufflers, Letha DeVries, and she did not disappoint taking first place with partner Pat Tomko. Letha has been attending to the recovery of her husband Charlie (also one of our favorite shufflers) recently.

The SWCD Amateur schedule started this week with a ‘Singles Tournament’ at Golf Lakes:

1st Place: Mary Fowler
2nd: Larry Fowler
3rd: Bill Bierema
4th: Frank Marderosian
1st Place: Richard McGowen
2nd: Martha Kaufman
3rd: Larry Russell
4th: Rita Marderosian



1st: John Brown/Larry Mardis
2nd: Paul Knepper/Gerry Johnson
3rd: Grant Childerhose/Larry Taylor
4th: Faron Vandegrift/Bob Comfort
1st: Mike Marquis/Ralph (Tiny) Lozano
2nd: Steve Slaughterbeck/Vern Wallingford
3rd: Ed Leonard/Nelson Kellogg
4th: Arnie Congdon/Jean Wilson Jr.


1st: Pat Tomko/Letha DeVries
2rd: Donna Schultz/Nancy Sclafani
3rd: Lois Wegner/Cheryl Putnam
4th: Linda Wallingford/Jane Schram
1st: Evelyn White/Marlene Coburn
2nd: Marcia Brazier/Margaret Hartzler
3rd: Adriana Cramton/Joan Curwin
4th: Terri Smith/Cindy Slaughterbeck

Tournament Directors: Joyce Marquis & Pat Batdorff
SPONSORS: Golf Lakes Realty, Florida All Weather Roofing & Accurafe Advisory Group (Pete Kochera)
Reporting for SWCD, Ron Nurnberger

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