Shuffleboard venue in Scott’s Addition seeks ‘nightclub’ permit. (Richmond VA)

Just in case there is some shimmying on the shuffleboard court after midnight, Tang & Biscuit Shuffleboard Club is seeing a special use permit to operate as a “nightclub.”
The club owners also want to install a mural on the eastern exterior wall of the building at 3406 W. Moore St. in Scott’s Addition and is asking for a special use permit to do that after city zoning administration suggested the mural might be considered signage.
The requests are scheduled to be considered by the Richmond Planning Commission on Monday.

Tang & Biscuit opened in late August and has no intention of operating as a traditional night club, the owners state in their special use permit application.
But city regulations classify establishments as nightclubs if there is amplified music playing after midnight, alcohol for sale and floor space for dancing or standing in conjunction with some other entertainment activity. Nightclub operators have to get a special permit and submit management and security plans.
The policy was enacted in 2013, with existing establishments grandfathered in.

Tang & Biscuit has 10 shuffleboard courts and sells food and beverages. The club has background music playing through speakers in the facility and on occasion will have a DJ, live music or other live entertainment.
“This request is in keeping with the on-going transformation of Scott’s Addition as a mixed use, entertainment district,” said Andrew M. Condlin, attorney representing Tang & Biscuit.

The regulations “protect the neighborhood from excess noise, which is really what this ordinance is trying to achieve, to make sure different uses are working compatibly,” Condlin said,.
River City Roll, a boutique bowling venue on Myers Street east of Scott’s Addition, ran into the same nightclub classification issue when it wanted to stay open later than midnight and have amplified music in the venue.
The mural proposed for the Tang & Biscuit shows two opposing shuffleboard scoring triangles. City planning staff that reviewed the requests recommend approval of both. The City Council also has to sign off on the requests.

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2 Responses to Shuffleboard venue in Scott’s Addition seeks ‘nightclub’ permit. (Richmond VA)

  1. Trevor Colby says:

    I sure hope the “Tang & Biscuit” request is granted. The revival of the St Pete club is probably due to beverage being available.

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  2. stanistheman says:

    Totally agree!! (with Trevor). Stan


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