Al Dronsfield Gives Us A Warm, Very Warm Personal Story from Tavares of the ND!! 2018 11 05

Allen Dronsfield Speaks:  Sue McLaughlin is IN!! With Marion Lohbusch at her side; they closed the door today, 2018 11 05. 

Move over FSA Hall of Fame!! There’s one more joining the list for induction at the FSA HOF Banquet in January.
Sue and Marion have had a great season thus far and were missing the elusive 1 point since the St. Pete tournament. Today at Tavares, they got off to a shaky start and found themselves in consolation. Going into the quarters they moved along very well, winning the first game, then having a huge cushion in the second game.  Sue and Marion couldn’t figure out who was going to finish it??  Sue had her chances but Marion put the finishing touch on!!
From the Northern District, Sue McLaughlin and Allen Dronsfield will both be inducted in January, rather fitting seeing how Sue and Allen also went into the District Hall of Fame together a couple of years ago.
As far as I know Sue and Allen will be the first male and female to go into the FSA HOF at the same time, from the Northern District. This may never happen again, at least in our life time.
Way to go Sue.. AND Stan adds; Way to go Al!!

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  1. Virginia Chandler says:

    Congratulations Sue!

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