Myrna Bilton Shares Her Thoughts!!! 2018 11 06

ISA President Myrna Bilton Speaks:  We never know when we are promoting “Shuffleboard “!! Even at the Canada/USA border crossing!!
Our security gentleman asked where we were going. When we gave the answer …..”to our home in Florida”, his reply was “ enjoy yourselves, I see you are shufflers”. All because we have the shuffler decals on our back windows.

Rendall and I had a safe trip. It’s great to be here and reunite with our many friends.
Lots of improvements to the shuffleboard courts over the summer. Our Lazy Days Park have 6 brand new courts and Lee County 24 courts have been refurbished.

In February we will have owned our home for 30 years. We feel blessed to have been able to be in the sunshine state for the winter months to play shuffleboard, enjoy our friends and sunshine. Our family love coming here. We are the second generation of our family to come south. I strongly believe the next two generations will be coming. More shuffleboard players!!!!

Yesterday at Port Charlotte for the P06 state tournament I had the pleasure to talk with Dave Kudro, president of the Florida Shuffleboard Association and his partner Erik Hahmann. Erik represented USA at the 37th ISA World Championship at High River in July. It’s so nice to see the “younger generation” playing at all these events. Enjoying this game of shuffleboard that we all love to play.

I had many inquiries about the 38th ISA World Championship that will be held in Vienna, Austria in 2019. Peter Krappel, president of the Austrian Shuffleboard Association is working hard to make sure this tournament will be an event to remember.
Shuffleboard has given us lasting friendships and many fond memories.

“Old friends, New friends woven together.
We are glad to be part of the Shuffleboard weave”

Myrna Bilton
ISA President

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2 Responses to Myrna Bilton Shares Her Thoughts!!! 2018 11 06

  1. Joyce Smith says:

    Thank you Myrna. It is so refreshing to hear your positive feedback and to see you promoting shuffleboard. Great picture of you and Rendall. Also a great picture of you with Erik, our youngest Shuffler, and Dave Kudro, our fantastic FSA President. Play on my friends.


  2. Bob Smith says:

    Great article Myrna. I never thought that the Shuffleboard sticker would be noticed, especially by a security guard. It’s so good to have 2
    President ‘s that are doing such a good job for Shuffleboard. Dave is a great leader and is good for Shuffleboard and Myrna, your leadership of the
    ISA has been fantastic.


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