Ever Try Roulette Shuffle? I Think You Will If You Read This!!! Thanks Stu!!

Stu Cassell Speaks:  Our shuffleboard club is going into its 4th year, and we are a small group compared to our fellow shufflers in Florida, Arizona, and other parts of the country. We have 23 members, with 1 or 2 snowbirds among them. We don’t really have our own permanent facility. In warm weather we play at a local park that has just 3 courts. When we go indoors, we use space in the Gateway Salvation Army Citadel where they are kind enough to let us store courts that we roll up and put in a closet after each use.

We recently purchased our 4th court from Allen Shuffleboard and used it for the first time in our first annual Fun Day. Inspired by my Avon Park “Fun Day” experiences as well as a collaboration with club President Glen VanMatre, we came up with an “Obstacle Course” as well as Pin Shuffle and Roulette Shuffle matches.

If you’re wondering what Roulette Shuffle is, in this game we only count disks that are on a line. If the disk covers more than one line, say at the intersection of the 8’s & 7’s, then you’d get 8+8+7+7 = 30 points. We decided to make the front 10 triangle the “kitchen” and any disk inside it would be -10 points, but any disk on the side lines would be +10. The original “kitchen” would give points if you landed on the lines bordering it. If you landed inside, it would be worth zero points.

This past Friday we held our first Fun Day. We had 13 participants. Some of our members were deer hunting, some were out of town on family matters, and one of our ladies was back in Apache Junction, Arizona for the winter. She left just in time. It was 19 degrees here and we had our first dusting of snow this year.

I made a two minute video of our event that you can view on Youtube. At the very end of the video watch Melody Blumenkemper. She put 3 of her disks in the kitchen. On her final shot, she managed to get rid of all 3 out and send one of them back into the 7 space, turning a -30 into a +7. It was an incredible shot and I can’t believe I happened to be there just in time to record it in between keeping scores and competing in the games. You can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=575wYeVd9Xc&t=9s ;

Stu Cassell

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