Allen Dronsfield Reports for the Northern District of FL. 2018 11 11

Jack Wooten; May He Rest In Peace

ALLEN DRONSFIELD SPEAKS:  From the Northern District:  I give you my best effort in acknowledging our players achievements through results of our tournaments, etc. As many know, our website has stood still since just before Jack Wooten’s passing. The complex system has shown no updates, nor any activity at all. Bonnie Radke and I have been doing our best to keep people informed. Due to the nature of the game we don’t all finish at the same time, as a matter of fact some matches drag out long after others have left.
Up until a few weeks ago we’ve been able to piece together the final results and make them available to you. We believe it is important to acknowledge the success of our members here in the northern district as other districts do the same.
After much encouragement from Stan McCormack and Earl Ball, I personally have tried my hand at putting articles together. I, in no way consider myself nothing more than a amateur or novice author. I have learned a lot and have much more to learn, but have had a lot of fun doing it.
A few have criticized me for some of the content, on the other hand many more have graciously applauded my effort.
For those that have access to the tournament results in our region, we’ve been told they don’t have the ability to forward results. We’ve had trouble grasping that excuse as they do seem to end up at the state level.
I will continue to put together articles and results as long as possible. A humble apology is the best I can offer all of you that do not see your stats posted. Like the results which follow this commentary, I sent our feelers to as many as I could think of that may have at least some of the results. Unable to provide them all, the Ladies Consolation is void of their standings, I do apologize.
This coming week is a busy one, the Amateur’s have a State Sponsored Red Line Singles tournament being held Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday if needed at the Mid-Fl. Lakes facility, a very relaxing atmosphere on the waters of Haynes Creek. No Lunches available at this one.   
The Pro’s travel East and West, Easterly to Tropical Haven, Melbourne for a Mixed Dbls. and Westerly to Bradenton for Men’s and Ladies Dbls. Lunches are not available at either venue. CORRECTION: Lunches will be available at Tropical Haven. 
The Northern District on Thursday and Friday head to Deland for a District Mixed Dbls. tournament, no lunches here either.

Northern District Results – Men’s Dbls. Ladies Dbls. Leesburg Sponsored by Suter Heating & Air Conditioning Donna King – Director
Men’s Main
1st. Walt Bartels/Stan Williamson ——————– Tavares/Quail Hollow, Walt took first at the state tournament with Earl Ball on Monday and Tuesday at Tavares
2nd. Frank Cherill/Rick Enright ———————-Tavares/Leesburg
3rd. Dave Nitchie/Fred Neumann ——————–Leesburg
4th. Bob Craw/Derek Johnson ————————Holiday RV Resort

Men’s Consilation
1st. Richard Burkhardt/Allen Dronsfield ————— Parkwood Oaks/Leesburg
2nd. Chuck Brayman/Ron Carr ————————–Hawthorne/Leesburg
3rd. Wayne Carpenter/Howard Chambers ————-Hawthorne/Inverness
4th. Gary Knox/Ivan Layton ——————————MFL/Tavares

Ladies Main
1st. Marion Lohbusch/Sue McLaughlin —————–Hawthorne
2nd. Doris Hanke/Gail Howell ————————— Hawthorne/Leesburg
3rd. Carolyn Burrell/Christine Giumarra ————— Deland
4th. Carol Adams/Cheryl Cole —————————-Hawthorne/Tavares

Thanks goes out to Gail Howell and Bee for making lunches available, as well as all that helped setting courts up and cleaning up.

Reported by Allen Dronsfield 11/11/18

Stan’s Note: Allen continues to do a Great Job for the Northern District.  

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4 Responses to Allen Dronsfield Reports for the Northern District of FL. 2018 11 11

  1. Linda says:

    Stan, I do believe that Tropical Haven which is in the Central East Coast District WILL have lunch for this tournament.
    Linda Rebholz


  2. Earl Ball says:

    Al you’ve done another fine job!


  3. stanistheman says:

    Al Dronsfield Speaks: I stand corrected, there will be lunches at Tropical Haven on Monday and Tuesday. I missed the revised notice at the bottom of the Bulletin Board.


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