Avon Park President Tom Clayton Comments on the District T. Hosted by Avon!!

Tom Clayton Speaks:  All of us at Avon Park felt honored to host 18 Amateurs and 46 Pros for District Tournaments CDA05A & CDP06A November 8th and 9th. We greatly appreciate the many compliments given regarding the improvements to our facility and the warm and friendly atmosphere that our guests can expect when they visit us.

Our traditional singing of “O Canada” and “The Star Spangled Banner” during our opening ceremonies seems to give a little extra adrenaline charge to our participants.

A couple of surprises: Our own Gary Sorko, a State Am., volunteered to “play up” to balance the Pro teams and won 1st. Place in the Pro Main with his partner, Harold Cunningham. Our local “precocious youngster”, Dick Davis (age 89) , showed all of us that “age and treachery will overcome youth and skill” by taking 2nd. Place in the Pro Main with his partner, Roy Briegel !!!

Our flock of new amateurs made quite a showing with “Tink” and Darlene Mealy, Lloyd and Gloria Tipsworth, Don and Nancy McClenon, Karen League, Jim Allard, Joe Castiglia, Mary Temoke, and Maureen Tomlinson all placing “in the money” !!!

We hope to see you soon – come and “Catch the Spirit” with us!

President Tom Clayton. 2018 11 12

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